We have worked hard to achieve accreditation from the following bodies, assuring our customers that the highest standards are being achieved and maintained.

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Water Management Project:

Jack Buck Farms have been fortunate to receive a Water Resource Management Grant.  The aim of this project is to increase the available water storage capacity at Jack Buck Farms by installing a new 27,000m3 reservoir and install a new distribution main and pump house to pump the water around a 204 acre land block, so that crops can be irrigated.

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The project will deliver a number of objectives:

  • Enable the business to abstract, store and irrigate an additional 27,000m3 of water.

  • Enable an additional 204 acres of owned land to be irrigated.

  • Supply water and land to other vegetable and flower growers.

  • Increase the production, yield and quality of celeriac and fennel grown by Jack Buck Farms.

  • Improve irrigation efficiency through the investment in boom application.

  • Improve water security and drought resilience of the business.

  • Improve the productivity and financial performance of Jack Buck Farms.

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