We take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously.  It is our policy to continually improve our farming practices and be sensitive to our environment and ecosystem. 

We endeavour to farm in a sustainable, responsible and sympathetic way without jeopardising productivity. We apply a crop rotation principal throughout our farming operation. It is hugely important to provide every crop with the best possible field conditions to maximise yield and quality potential.

We are members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and over the past 18 years we have planted 6,000m of hedging and 5 acres of trees which is unusual on an intensive arable marsh farm.  The farm is in the environmental Entry Level Scheme where 41 acres of our land are managed for the benefit of wildlife, flora and fauna which comprises of quieter parts of the farm sown with grasses, wild bird seed mixtures and wild flowering plants rich in nectar.

We are enthusiastic in saving resources as well and we have installed photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and we have invested in the latest computer controlled coldstore equipment to reduce our electricity consumption. We are also selecting the most fuel efficient tractors and machinery to reduce our use of diesel in the fields and we are saving and reusing the water from our building roofs.