Arguably one of the ugliest vegetables going, celeriac is proof that it's what's on the inside that counts.

It tastes delicious and is incredibly good for you. We like it so much that we created a brand - we're proud to be 'The Ugly One'. 

It's a demanding crop to grow successfully and we have to be on the ball (find out more on our crops page) but since a two acre trial in 1992 we've carved out a niche market for this versatile veg.


Eager-to-please with a side of health benefits 

Boil it, mash it, slice it, grate it raw, roast it, make delicious soup with it. Serve it on its own or with an accompaniment to any type of meat -  in fact celeriac is so versatile there isn't much you can't do with it. 

It's also got a great affinity to curry and our favourite must be curried celeriac chips baked in the oven just like potato chips but with a much sweeter taste.  Give them to your children; they will love them (so much more nutritious than potato chips) and a good way of introducing a new vegetable into their diet. 

Celeriac not only tastes great but is extremely beneficial to anyone on a diet, possessing only 42 calories per 100gm serving. It is high in fibre and cholesterol free, and has very cheering levels of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. It contains more iron than Broccoli.

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