Jack Buck Farms grow around 235 acres of Daffodils in Moulton. The flowers are grown for the cut flower market and the bulbs are sold as dry bulbs. Both the flowers and bulbs are sold within the United Kingdom and exported abroad, particularly to Scandinavia. The flowers are all grown outdoors and the first flushes of spring flowers are harvested from January.


August is a busy month of harvest for most farmers, but at Jack Buck Farms, we are harvesting the cereal crops but also planting daffodil bulbs. We grow a number of varieties of daffodils to enable us to start picking flowers from as early as January through to March. So the vibrant yellow daffodil can brighten up your homes during the dreary January days until Mother’s Day. The soil is prepared and the daffodil bulb is planted using a machine similar to that of potato planter.


After the Christmas holidays our earliest variety begins to show signs of being ready to crop, (weather dependent). Cropping of the flowers is done by hand, and over 100 pickers descend on the farm and pick daffodils, 10 flower stems in each bunch, all of which have to be the correct length. These are then placed carefully into trays in the field and either put into cold store or sent straight to the packhouses to be packed for the supermarket, markets or exported abroad.

Once the daffodil flower season has finished, the daffodils are left in the ground to wilt and die off allowing all the goodness back into the bulb. Commercially grown daffodil bulbs are usually left in the ground for 2 or 3 years then lifted and graded. During this time, the bulb multiplies up in the ground so one bulb could become 6 or more. Part of the crop is then re-planted in the ground and the balance is sold as dry bulbs.

We take great care of the health of our bulb stocks to ensure they produce a fantastic quality of yellow flower and bulb ready for the customer.

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