At Jack Buck Farms we use peas as a valuable break crop in our rotation.

They are a relatively low input crop that fix their own nitrogen and leave significant supply of it to the following crop. As the crop is harvested relatively early it allows for a good entry for another crop straight afterwards. Such as daffodil bulbs. We are in the right location to grow peas as there are processing factories within 20 miles of our farm, which is vital to enable the pea to be frozen in super-quick time to retain that vibrant freshness.


To prepare the ground for peas, the soil is usually ploughed before Christmas to give the soil a chance to weather and break down naturally over winter. The seeds are drilled into the ground in the spring. Peas are sown about two inches under the soil surface. A young crop is at risk from pigeons and insects so it is important to control these throughout the early growth stages


The pea pods should be bursting with peas and ready to be harvested by early July. Our peas are harvested by special pea harvesters, which belong to our local pea co-operative group. The pea team work non-stop over the harvest to ensure the peas are harvested at the optimum time of tenderness. Peas have to be harvested at exactly the right time; if we’re too early they won’t be ripe enough but too late and their sweetness and tenderness will be lost. Our peas are stripped from the vine by the harvester in the field, washed, graded and frozen in the factory all within 150 minutes.

Frozen peas are packed with vitamins and so easy to cook. There's nothing added to freshly frozen garden peas: no salt, sugar or water and certainly no other preservatives or additives. Just Mother Nature's own way of preservation - freezing. Have a look at